Noodle Boxes

Noodle Boxes : Adding the Right Amount of Spice

Most Thai meals will boast some form of spice – although the amount will vary depending on the diner’s heat threshold. In most instances, Asian spices are used individually to pack a little more punch, but there may be times when more than a single spice is required for a particular recipe. When doing so, avoid pouring the full amount of each spice into the dish – this can be extremely hot. Instead, calculate the number of spices and then split them equally into percentages. For example, if you are using two spices, split them 50/50. For three spices, split them into thirds and them apply them individually, as opposed to all at once.
Adding Your Own Signature
A signature dish is common amongst established and aspiring chefs alike – after all, most will be especially good at one or two meals. The best way to create a signature dish is to add a complementary food that isn’t included within the recipe. As long as that ingredient aids the overall taste, the meal will be a guaranteed success; albeit with a unique take on its preparation.


Fast Ed: Movie Night Recipes – Noodle Boxes, Ep 19 (06.06.14),
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